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Customised options to suit your requirements and specifications

Rubber is an excellent solution when flexibility and convertibility are required to enhance the performance of a complete product. They are widely used for applications of sealing, protection, dampener, cushion, hoses, footing and many more. Rubber products that we commonly manufacture are either natural or synthetic rubber, these consist of products like

  • Masterbatch / Compound for natural and synthetic rubber
  • Specialized in blend system rubber compounds. ie. NR/BR,
  • Rubber compound in colour and black. (NR, NBR, BR, CR, SBR,
  • VCP Pipe seals, uPVC Pipe Seals and various industrial parts.
  • Oil & Gas polychloroprene (CR) rubber pads and gaskets
  • Foam, sponge, films felt and tape convertor
  • Technical and engineering products (i.e. grommets “O” rings,  bushing, gaskets, dampers, footing, bumpers, plugs, mats, protectors, isolators,rubber wheels and many more.
  • Rubber to metal bonding parts
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